Veterans Day

This coming week is a time of remembrance for those who have done so much to protect us, our families, and our country from the harms that go against our American freedoms. With that being said I think it is important to acknowledge our Veterans and the service that they do for us. No matter what branch you may serve in, whether you are deployed or do work from here at home your service is appreciated.

Each day, month, year, thousands of Americans go overseas, to camps, to embassies to help implement and protect our sovereignty. Without them I believe that we would be lost, our freedoms, and our basic human rights. We would not be Americans if we did not have American soldiers protecting what makes our country great our freedom.

Although many people go through life without encountering danger we have to acknowledge the fact that dangers beyond our imagination are out there. We must pay our respects to those who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect not only us but our country as a whole. Thank you to those who have served, our gratitude is endless.

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