Pendleton Artists Society

The Pendleton Artists Society, something I only just learned about is such an untapped community here in Pendleton Indiana. Full of all types of art, photography, acrylic, watercolors, and so much more the Pendleton Artists society houses itself in downtown Pendleton and hosts events the first Friday of each month.

The Pendleton Artists society is made up of over 120 members and is dedicated to showcasing artwork from the community. The society is strictly made up of volunteers who help not only run their local gallery but also run art class open to the public for a small cost. These classes can teach you how to paint, better enhance your photography, or even use acrylics.

Each month artists enter their pieces to be judged by a guest judge. Novembers judge came from the Andersons art museum and had a chance to evaluate each piece as a whole and award them accordingly. For those of you who haven’t made your way through the art gallery, I recommend you stop by at any time and enjoy the incredible local artwork.

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