Making My Way to Print

I have been involved in video production, radio, and as seen here internet forms of communication, however not yet have I been involved in print. If you read my previous blog you know that I recently went to the Pendleton Artists Society and while I was there I talked to a kind man working for the Pendleton Times-Post our local newspaper. we got talking and it turns out he had edited a piece of writing that I had done once before as a special press release for the school.

As we began talking I asked him if he had any suggestions for writing going forward and he quickly began talking to me about an opportunity. He said if I was truly interested in writing in the future that possibly I could begin doing my own frequent collum in the paper. This collum could cover anything from a class at school to last weeks football game.

This opportunity is thrilling and I hope to take him up on it in the coming weeks. If your a reader here keep your eyes peeled on the Pendleton Times-Post. Hopefully, you’ll see me in the collum soon.

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