Teacher For a Day

Tomorrow afternoon I will be leaving the Highs School and going over to the Middle School for the afternoon. During this time I will be demonstrating electric guitar to the seventh grade exploring music class. This class spends nine weeks on piano six weeks on guitar and three weeks on audio editing and composition. I personally got my start on guitar in that class so it is always nice to go back and show my support. If it weren’t for Mrs. Maloney and that class I am unsure of what I would do with all my time because the guitar is my passion! So I hope that tomorrow, Friday, May 4th, I can get some other students hooked on guitar.

I did this same kind of demo last school year, however, I was not half the player I am today and I hope I can better represent myself as a player and show just how awesome learning an instrument can be. I will demonstrate methods like barre chords, power chords, slides, bends, and hammer-ons. Hopefully, by the end of each class period, I will have some of the students becoming more comfortable with some of these methods.

I hope that this one day of teaching can inspire them to continue their time with music. Music can change lives, and it has changed mine. Thank you to all of my band directors, teachers, my uncle, Allan Rhodes, and so many more who have gone out of their way to help me with my journey on guitar. It has truly changed my life and appreciation for music.

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