Gene’s Root Beer and Hot Dogs

Sunday, April 29th, I took my first trip to Gene’s Root Beer and Hot Dogs. This is one of the last standings old-fashioned drive-in restaurants in Indiana serving hot dogs, burgers, fried food, homemade root beer, and ice cream! It’s something everyone should experience at least once in their lives and I’m lucky enough to live just miles away.

Looking in on Gene’s you wouldn’t expect much but when your friendly waitress comes out and greets you and you here the old-timey music playing, you know that Gene’s Is special. You roll your windows down enjoy the nice spring weather and eat good food! I personally enjoy their conny dogs with cheese and a root beer float. However, you can get any number of things for a reasonable place and everything is good!

So next time you’re in Madison county head on down to Gene’s Root Beer and Hot Dogs, they’re open seasonally and won’t disappoint. With a good atmosphere, happy customer service, and an experience that far outways Sonic, Gene’s is the place to be.

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