January 1st, 1914, the first scheduled commercial airline flight took place. Today there are roughly 5,000 commercial airlines over the U.S. at any given moment, this statistic shows just how far transportation has come. At one point in time, it could take anywhere between six and fourteen weeks to travel across the Atlantic, and today, it can be done in hours. More staggering than that is the fact that we can reach the moon in just three days, that is transportation at a rate of over 3,000mph. If you ask me that is one giant leap for mankind.

But what about the automobile? Today it allows me to get to school in 10 minutes, see my family that is one hundred miles away in just two hours, and get to the Gulf of Mexico in half of a day but, the automobile has done so much more than that! The automobile industry provides over seven million jobs in the U.S. alone and that is only accounting for the manufacturing. However, there are also the supporting markets around the auto industry that provide a large number of jobs; for example, wherever gas powered vehicles are used there have to be gas stations in which people work at, and beyond that people must be employed to harvest oil and other nonrenewable resources. Everything seems to link together when looking at the bigger picture.

All of this integration leaves me to wonder, what if we run out of those resources one day? How will we be left to get around, and who will employ the large number of Americans that work in gas stations, airports, and automobile manufacturing? At the moment we don’t have the extra jobs to sustain millions of families nor will we. So, as a result, we have to come up with alternative solutions to the issue which innovators like Elon Musk and some of the leading car manufacturers are trying to do.

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