Podcasts Soon to Come!

Today marks one week until my first podcast will be recorded and we are kicking it off right. Next Friday I will be in New York, New York with 91.7 WEEM for the national high school radio awards. And you’re probably wondering how I’m going to record a podcast in New York. Well, that is the most exciting part. I get to record my first podcast, which will subsequently be about New York, in New York. So what will be expected when moving from just blogs to blogs and podcasts? Good question!

The podcast realm is a whole different ball game, you can incorporate audio and video and invite guests on to help discuss issues, places, and exciting topics. On my show, I hope to focus on destinations and social issues. I’ll be trying to expose all of my listeners/ viewers to new places, ideas, ways of living all while having fun and seeing the world! Wherever I go you will go with this new podcast series and I am so excited to be covering a wide range of locations and events.

So what is happening on next weeks show? Well, I’ll be talking about New York the things it has to offer, the great food, and some issues they face today. My first episode will be between twenty and thirty minutes long and who knows I may even have some special guests. I’ll keep you informed, stay tuned!

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