Since I was a little kid people have been telling me that history repeats itself. And I never truly understood that until this year. This year I am in Mrs. Webster’s AP world history course, and it makes you realize that history is so much more than dates and people, history is a never-ending story! And it is an awfully repetitive story at that. But a topic like this begs the question, why? Why don’t people change? Why do some things, bad things, never change? My theory is simple, people don’t pay attention to what needs to be changed. You and I get so built up in the moment that we forget about the past or where it is going in the future.

The reason we do this isn’t our fault because it’s basic human instinct to do what feels natural, and in doing so we often repeat ourselves. However, every now and then we need to take a step back just for a moment and think; what will happen if I do this? Once we all have the self-control to not act on impulse, which I still haven’t completely achieved, decisions and actions will become easier and hopefully result in a better outcome. Of course, there will still be bad events in peoples lives and in history. However, I think the negative results can be dramatically reduced if people acknowledge how it has played out in the past.

So let’s look at an example that we already know, however, we may not have realized. Invasion, war, etc. everyone knows they occur and typically for different reasons, however, no one realizes the simple fact that any argument whether it be within a family or on a national militarized scale starts with a disagreement. Now the severity of the disagreement may be different of course. However, if the two parties were both willing to come to a middle ground and talk it out then there would literally be no need for someone to die in the process. Now if human rights violations are occurring or something of that sort some serious action will have to be taken. But, I think that we as humans should still be able to work through things!

So I ask you to do this, don’t go through life acting on impulse. This doesn’t mean don’t have fun or don’t ever do anything stupid cause that is how we learn. I just think that when it comes to a life decision, something that is truly going to affect you and the people around you, think it through and consult the other party. If we can do this then our mark on history will be brighter than those who came before us. And I hope that that is everyone’s goal, to leave this world better than we found it.

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