My whole life I’ve heard stories of shootings and terrorist events and it hadn’t dawned on me until just now that at one point, that wasn’t an issue. At one point in time, people just realized their moral responsibility to do good. The fact that some people don’t have that moral obligation inside of them, that good angel on their right shoulder. It’s sad, and it’s a massive issue. So, what caused it?

The cause of all the violence in the world can be widely disputed, but it’s simple. At least teen violence is simple. Over the past thirty years, violence has suddenly become normal. Any one person can sit down in front of a TV and play games like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty, games which are completely based on violence, warfare, and pain. Suffering is not something that should be honored, how it is currently being honored, and pain is not something that should consume peoples free time. Warfare used to be viewed as an obscene awful part of the world. People used to get drafted into the military, getting ripped away from their families knowing that they may never see them again. And don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for our armed forces and the people that protect our inalienable rights. However, I don’t think kids, myself included, need to be exposed to violence and view it as fun.

Violence is corrupting our world, and people are accepting it. Our own government, the people in charge of protecting us are allowing it to happen. I am not saying that weaponry should be taken away from U.S. citizens because that’s one of the founding principles of America. All I am saying is that how those weapons are promoted, how they are viewed in society needs to change. People need to see the effect of their actions, we all need to be able to view situations from others perspectives. We can’t just go through life doing whatever we want, we have to understand what effect our actions have on others and we have to be able to put ourselves in other’s shoes.  If everyone was able to do that, this world would be a much happier place.


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