I do a lot. And sometimes I wonder if I do too much, but then again, I know it will all work out in the end. This year I have been involved in seven extracurricular activities alone, and people tend to ask me why I volunteer to do all of these things. That’s what I’m about to explain, and it just might surprise you.

All of my ambition really began in fourth grade, but, I never really had the opportunity to be in all the positions I wanted until this year. I had been waiting since I was nine years old to be on the radio, to be class president, to be involved and make a difference. And now I’ve finally been put in a position where I can do that. I am happy to say that I’ve had the support of my family given the fact that I need rides to and from the school almost every day, but I’m even happier to say that I think I’ve actually made an impact. I know that I will never make an impact on everyone in the school but then again, that’s not my goal.

My goal for my time here is to make people see that education can be more than reading and writing, that school can be time to get to know people, and help the community. Of course I would appreciate some scholarships from all of my hard work, but even if I made nothing I would still know I had done something right. And to me, self-fulfillment is all I need. I’ve never been concerned with getting other peoples praise or response, sometimes it may be nice to see there’s someone there in your corner, but if I know I’ve done well that’s all I need. Because, if you can’t make yourself happy, you will never be able to make anyone else happy. Be proud of who you are! And don’t ever let your guard down, cause if you do, you begin to lose track of who you really are.


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