Having a Step-Family

When I was in second grade, my parent got divorced. It wasn’t easy but it happened and I’m a better person because of it. My brother and sister and I went through years of switching between our parent’s houses, sometimes waiting until 8:00 for my Mom to get home because she worked like no other to ensure she could give us what we wanted, and what we needed. My parents always tried to put on a happy face for us kids because they knew we needed it. But then one day, about six years ago, a blessing came into my life. That blessing was my step-family.

The first time I met my step-dad was at Bravo in Castleton and I could tell that he was the one mom would end up with. There are just some people in your life that you know are going to stick, and I had found another one of those people. At the time I didn’t know that he was going to make me a better person, or even that his daughter and her husband were going to expose me to the sales world and more career paths. I just knew that he played hangman with me at bravo and that we colored on the tables, and that was pretty awesome! No one knows that these things are going to happen to them but when I look back on all of it I couldn’t be more grateful. All of my step-family has taken time out of their lives to open my eyes to new ideas. Some of them being as simple as to buy a used amp on craigslist instead of brand new one from the store or proving to everyone that any Lexus is a luxury sedan or, most importantly, that John Mayer is the real MVP.

Over the past six years, my outlook on life has changed for the better. I’ve become a more open-minded person, and without my new family that never would’ve happened. I would have been a closed-minded kid who thought that the only success in life is providing for your family, which is great, but that is not all there is. There’s a great big world out there, and if you don’t look forward to seeing it or you don’t try to see it, you’re missing out, whoever you may be.

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