Mass. Ave.

Mass_AveScented gardens, custom jewelry, incredible food, and friendly people this is Massachusettes Avenue. Lying in the heart of Indianapolis Mass. Ave. is home to so many places for the family to enjoy. It seems as if every time we go to Indianapolis we end up near Massachusettes Avenue typically for the food. But, what else is there for a family to do and enjoy in this urban downtown location?

With so many options and so much diversity, you are sure to find something for everyone in the family. For the kids, you can go to the scented garden cultural trail and enjoy a multitude of fresh flowers while learning about what all they do for us. If you are in the mood for laughs you can go to the “Ann Dancing,” sign. At this spot, you will see what the Indy Star calls an “LED- illuminated…faceless female figure,” she sways side to side and even sends out her own tweets @ann_dancing. There are so many family-friendly options on Mass. Ave. however, there are some that are just for the adults.

The streets are lined with shops and restaurants for you and that special someone. Some of these shops include Silver In the City, Global Gifts, Indy Reads Books, and for all of you pet lovers out there City Dogs Grocery. Silver In the City offers jewelry made to your liking and funny gifts for the ones you love. At Global Gifts, you can find interesting items and clothing from all over the world for the cultured individuals in your life. From  Indy Reads you can find books from any genre and from City Dogs Grocery you can find anything you need for your pet.

For me, the best part of Massachusettes Avenue is the food! Some of my favorites include The Eagle, Union 50, and Bru Burger. The Eagle has some of the best fried chicken in Indy that comes served with a homemade jalapeno honey to give you that extra spice. With incredible family style sides that will most likely leave you a few pounds heavier than before. Union 50 houses some more unique options that will challenge you to try something new. With menu items including Lamb Shank–Duck, Duck– and the tomahawk Pork Chop, they have creative menu items that will still give you the feel of a warm homemade meal. Personally one of my favorite places to eat downtown is Bru Burger, with an inviting atmosphere and wonderful service they offer some incredible food. Bru Burger starts you off with some great appetizers, my personal favorite being there soft pretzels served with housemade sauces that compliment their soft salty taste. Then you move to the main courses, housemade burgers served to your liking, they are all served by sides and are loaded with flavor.

All of these shops, activities, and restaurants are sure to leave you smiling after a great night. You will leave feeling full, happy, and with new memories made. I hope you get out and support some of these local businesses, I promise you won’t regret it. Give me your feedback below, I’m Jack Hudson until next time.


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