Mice Terror

It is the winter season and if you haven’t noticed it’s cold outside. Last night my family and I realized that the cold weather brings more things inside than just us humans. Mom went out to get something out of the garage and we all suddenly heard a screech. There was a mouse, and this was not the first time we had seen one this season. However, my story today is not about mice in the winter, but, mice in the summer.

When I was very young, somewhere between five and six my brother and sister loved to torment me. This one instance, however, I thought nothing of it. My sister and I had gone outside to our former pool and there was a mouse swimming around by the stairs and she dared me to pet it. Me, unknowingly thinking it was just cute sat there for a moment staring the mouse down. And then a moment or two later I went to pet it, that was the moment when I was bitten by a mouse.

I went rushing inside to Mom blaming it all on my sister Jessica and showing her where my finger had begun to bleed. She said we were going to have to go to the doctor to make sure it was okay. So, we went to to the doctor I got my tetanus shot and lived my life happily. But, the true moral of this story is to know when your siblings are messing with you and how to get them back.

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