Winter Memmories

Every winter it seems as if something memorable happens, whether it be someone slipping and falling on the ice or having an awesome new years celebration. Winter may be cold, and some may not like it, but there are always good moments! Personally, I feel bad for people that don’t get to enjoy the snow and all four seasons. The seasons just add so much variety to what we do.

My most memorable moment in the winter had to be the first year we had our Bichon Frise in 2009, if you don’t know what a Bichon Frise looks like they are like little white cotton balls. We had just gotten him potty trained before winter had begun and when we went to let him out after the first heavy snowfall we thought he had gone missing. Our little puppy named Buddy was literally camouflaged to the snow. Of course, we found him, we just looked around for which part of the yard was moving and sure enough, he was happy as could be.

Although there are those happy stories from the winter months there also those ones that are funny to look back on, but not in the moment. Two years ago my family went ice skating at the Indianapolis state fairgrounds and I had never been skating before. As a result of this fact I was glued to the wall the hole just trying not to fall. Of course, I fell at least three times that day, never getting the hang of skating. I’m sure others have experienced this same situation, and I will proudly say I don’t intend on ever skating again.

All and all everyone has memories from the winter months that just stick around and make them smile and laugh. I believe we have memories like these from every season and that they are all worthwhile. As a result of my superiors advice, I’ll start talking about more of my life experiences. Feel free to leave feedback below.

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