Destination, More Than a Place

So many people misconstrue the meaning of travel and the importance of each destination. Last night, Sunday, January 15th I began a show called Somebody Feed Phil. This show follows an American man named Phil who travels the world to take a look at the cultural differences between locations and how great each destination is for its own differences, this all happens while Phil gets to enjoy some of the best food in the world of course, but it is so much more than that. The show made me take a step back. It made me look around and think of how much there is to life that I am yet to see, it showed the importance of a destination.

Each location, whether it be Pendleton Indiana or Beijing China,  has their own individual takes on life; they have their own religions, foods, people, customs. It seems as if so many people forget that what may seem normal to you could be the strangest thing to someone else. That’s what is so awesome about life! The norm is never truly normal because the next thing you know you end up somewhere new and your whole perspective changes.

Life is more than where you are, and although this may sound cliche, it’s where you’re going. A destination is more than the ability to say, “Oh yeah I went there,” it’s the ability to say I saw the people, I ate the food, and I learned about others lives. A destination is a culture and a culture is someone’s livelihood.


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