Halfway There, a Memoir to My Freshman Year

I’m eighteen weeks in my high school career, and I honestly don’t mind it. I had heard so many haunting stories of the high school, the teachers, and the things that go on. However, it seems as if it is all based on how you choose to use your time here. So many students don’t even attempt to make the best of their time here, and I believe that is the issue.

Personally, I feel I have accomplished a lot here in my short time. Building a float, working my way up in the radio program, looking forward to class goals, and retrieving the grades I had aspired to get. Of course there are days when you wonder how you get grouped with some people, or why you have to be here, however you have to look beyond that. A goal isn’t worth achieving if you aren’t going to do it to the best of your ability. So whether you have to skate by to pass or want to be top in your class dedicate yourself to that goal.

As we finish off the year I challenge you to look beyond those days you question yourself, to look out as to where this time will get you. Make the most of it for your own success because otherwise you’ll look back one day and wonder where that time went.

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