Social Class, a Thing of the Past or a Present Issue?

Social class, an issue that may not be visible to all but is certainly an underlying factor in our modern day society. Since the beginning of time, a social hierarchy has been instilled in territories, nations, and any unified groups of people. I am personally happy to say that the patriarchy of such classes are being eliminated as time has gone on, however, there are still restrictions on women that must be solved. Although, I do find these feminist matters very important, what is really concerning to me is the fact that not all citizens are given equal rights in America. I am aware that some people are going to disagree with this statement but you must be willing to hear me out on such an issue.

As time goes on our country attempts to be more and more inclusive, however, there are some obvious differences in select groups of people that will never be solved. Wealth, as an example, will always separate citizens whether we like it or not. Some people have access to more educational and artistic opportunities than others and that will change their ability to succeed whether you are willing to admit this fact or not. Money simply makes things easier and that is a fact of life. We have gotten so caught up in the order of society and our everyday routine that it seems as if money is more than value, that it is the standard to success, which in all honesty is saddening. Success cannot be described as materialistic goods, but, as a feeling within. Success is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you do something right, when you make a persons day, or when you share your opinion and people begin to understand what you are talking about.

It is my personal belief that if success wasn’t materialized to such an extent and people were willing to listen to one another that class differentiation would not be an issue, and violence would be drastically decreased. There will always be differences in the world whether it be racial, social, or religious but you have to be willing to understand that we are all different for a reason whether you have a faith or not. It is strictly the historical formation among different regions, and we are blessed to have so many different cultures in one place here in The United States. This differentiation strictly gives us the ability to set an example for the rest of the world, but, we can’t succeed at this goal if we don’t all make an effort. On this note, I challenge you to go out into the world, to meet new people, and to listen to what people have to say whether you agree or not. But, what is key in this challenge is to give everyone an equal chance whether they be poor, rich, democratic, or republican. All people are a part of this world and everyone deserves an equal right to it.

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