Music, a Transcending Language

With a history that spans back as far as time can be recorded, it is music that continues to be a constant in our world. Whether it be the singing of birds, Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, or Eminem’s character Slim Shady. Music can be seen everywhere and in many different forms. Music personally found me not too long ago and will always have a place in my heart.

For me, it started in seventh grade when I found the guitar. It was the guitar that connected me to music and changed my life. Without knowing anything about the instrument it seemed to sweep me off my feet and enthrall me in music, the theory, and everything that goes into the composition and creation of such rhythm and poetry. For some, the love of music comes in different forms whether it be singing, composing, dancing, or just finding that song that connects with you, that breaks you down and makes you cry. Its songs like these that get you not because they are saddening but because they are real, they connect to you and your life.

It is this real, deep, soulful music that changes our world. In fact, in some cases, it shows us what to do next and in others allows us to acknowledge our present issues whether it be on a personal level or a global level. Music is truly life-changing. One song that changed the perspective of so many people was the piece “Hey Jude,”  written by Sir Paul McCartney and performed by the legendary Beatles. “Hey Jude,” was a song written for John Lennon’s son as Mr. Lennon was going through a divorce. The song was meant to show that although there may be bad times you must be willing to make the best of every situation. Songs like these–songs that are real, that inspire, and that impact the world– are the songs that allow millions of people of different races and ethnicities to hear one universal and necessary lesson that can apply to anyone’s situation and life.

Music is a transcending language, it is a language that crosses racial and ethical boundaries. It is a language that can be heard by anyone if they are willing to listen. Music cannot be seen strictly as a lesson however, as it is so much more than that, it is truly a never-ending story about life. And on that note challenge yourself to actually listen to a song to interpret it in your own way and to use that advice, that lesson, and that story in your life to become a better citizen of the world and to feel what others feel.


-Jack Hudson

P.S. This may be my second blog on music but it is nowhere near my

last because music is everywhere.

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