The windy city, Chicago Illinois; ranked as the third largest city in America it is one of the most culturally diversified cosmopolitan cities in the United States. It invites all races and ethnicities to join together in a fast-moving society that doesn’t lack hustle and bustle and doesn’t sleep for anyone. Although, as in any other major U.S. city violence is on the rise. With an ever-rising homicide rate and a disposition with the segregation of the good and the bad “neighborhoods”.

First, let’s look at the benefits of the urbanized community that is found North of us. The United States’ ever evolved self-employment opportunities, such as Uber, gives all safe citizens the opportunity to work in harmony. People enjoy Chicago style pizza, a tourist destination, a variety of museums and activities that allow endless opportunities for Chicago citizens. The cosmopolitan lifestyle allows for a fast, fun and interactive society.

Although there are benefits to the city lifestyle there are also cons to living in such a large city. With overwhelming violence, harsh public schools, and the small percentage of supremacy and extremist groups Chicago shows signs of danger. The only way to face this danger is to set in place restrictions, laws, and a plan of action. Clearly, the cosmopolitan city of Chicago is a place of good and bad but the importance is that we are willing to make a difference, for the better.

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