Thanksgiving Line-up

Thanksgiving dinner a time of happiness and fatness. You get the chance to eat as much as you want without feeling bad about it. However, there are those dishes that you always look forward to, and this is my top ten dish countdown.

  1. Pumpkin bars-The best pumpkin dish around. Mom makes it homemade every year for Thanksgiving and it is to die for. It is my number one.
  2. Turkey- The citrus turkey my step-dad makes every year. A big Butterball turkey with a citrus infusion inside of it. It is the best turkey I have ever had.
  3. Stuffing- It’s  stuffing, what’s not to adore.
  4. Corn- Straight from my Grandpa’s garden, a delicious blend of seasoning and butter.
  5. Apple pie- Grandma Hudson’s homemade apple pie and crust, it’s truly delicious.
  6. Noodles- Grandma Hudson’s homemade noodles a long time family recipe that continues to bring fame and fortune to the Hudson family noodles.
  7. Green bean casserole – A Thanksgiving classic!
  8. Apple cider- A fall time favorite.
  9. Cinamon apples- Just. GREAT!
  10. Mashed potatoes- One of Mom’s best dishes.

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