Silence, Tricks, and Scares the Haloween Terrors

I have never been a big fan of scary movies but when it comes to Halloween everything seems to change. Scary becomes normal and the yells and haunts that terrify us during the year seem natural. It is the month of October that makes scary movies feel necessary, my favorite, Silence of the Lambs.

A film that has been watched for generations, and has terrified many. A plot point based on a serial killer cannibal helping to solve another man’s murder case. With a brave detective interviewing and working with this mass murderer it keeps you in constant suspense.  The man’s convictions are brutal, harsh, and inhumane.

Halloween, a day to last with suspense, terrors, tricks, and laughs. You have to take advantage of the day that pranks roam free and costumes are plenty. Halloween a day to remember and nightmares that never end…

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