My Urge to Success

My first year in high school, a stressful but fun new experience in my life. I’ve found that the only way you can truly enjoy something is by making the most of it and that is what pushes me to do my best. My goals for this year are to become a more active community service member and to achieve honor roll.  I want to contribute to the well being of the people around me and to my future as an individual.

Becoming a more active community will be difficult. There are plenty of people that need help in this community but it is getting to them that is the hard part. You have to reach out to the right people and make it apparent that you want to help! It is important that you show your passion and sincerity. I want to make Pendleton a better place to live in and I may not be able to do it alone but working with local organizations and community leaders we can achieve greatness.

Academic honor roll, something that nearly every student asks for but people struggle to achieve. With a willingness to work and an interest in the world, it is possible for anyone. I am always willing to ask a question to further understand how our world function. We as a society tend to view learning as a punishment when it needs to be viewed as a deeper understanding of the world and how the people around us function and work. I want to view education as an opportunity and an experience, using this mindset it will make learning a want, not a need.

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