What Does it Truly Mean to Hit the Road?

When people think of hitting the road, what do they think of? Does one think that you are about to go to HTC, Florida, California, Europe, Canada? Whatever you believe is okay; but to me, it means to leave your comfort zone and to dive into local culture, history, and heritage. Learning more about the world and the people that live around you allows you to become a more well-rounded member of society.

The cultural differences that can be found all around the world are incredible! They make humans…humans. Without realizing that there are so many different types of people around the world you aren’t able to come to grips with how your place in the world makes a difference! Allowing yourself to compare what you have done with what others have done allows you to better yourself whether it be by seeing your mistakes or your achievements.

What does all of this have to do with me? Well over the course of my life my goal is to allow as many people as I can to experience cultural differences, heartache, happiness, and rejoice from their home. But, I don’t want my viewers, readers, or listeners to stop there. I want them to take matters into their own hands and go out and MAKE a difference in society and the world.


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